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Now we are free (Steve x Reader) Part 4
Bucharest, 2016 – while Steve’s pursuit of Bucky
“There,” you said, leaning out of the helicopter and pointing down at the two figures fighting on the roof top. One you recognized as Bucky, the Winter Soldier, but the other one – dressed in an all-black panther suit – was unknown to you. Which, on top of everything else, gave you yet another thing to worry about. “Call Ross and tell him we’ve found them,” you told the pilot of the chopper. “We need to approach them carefully.”
    After your last call to the Secretary of State you had gotten a small jet to take you and a few other agents to Bucharest in search for the rogue Captain and his friends. The Winter Soldier would surely trust his former best friend and if – when – you would find them both, you had orders to arrest them and take them to a secure facility in Berlin, Germany.
:iconsavrom:savrom 76 21
Now we are free (Steve x Reader) Part 3
Vienna, 2016 – Three days later: day of the signing of the Sokovia Accords

“When stolen Wakandan Vibranium was used to make a terrible weapon we, in Wakanda, were forced to question our legacy,” the king of Wakanda – T’Chaka – said, starting off the Sokovia Accords signing speech in Vienna. “Those men and women killed in Nigeria were part of a good will mission from a country too long in the shackles,” he continued.

    You were sitting beside Natasha – the only one of the Avengers to accompany you to Vienna – as the king continued, talking about how he wanted Wakanda to join the Western world and make it a better place for everyone. His son – T’Challa – was standing a few feet behind him, looking outside the window as his father thanked the Avengers for supporting the Accords. You watched him carefully as he walked closer to the window, looking at something t
:iconsavrom:savrom 97 37
➤➤➤ The Earthling know little of the lands above their heads. They tread lazily by on their spherical earth, believing with all their heart.... only their earth is inhabitable. Yet, just a few hundred thousand miles above their heads, these are other worlds. Great worlds of floating islands, each completely submerged in nebula clouds...far out of sight. These lands lay deep in the heart of our galaxy, scattered around like stars. Their environments  closely mimic that of Earth's yet the colors are completely different. These worlds are colored vibrantly in pastel hues.... pink grass, purple trees, baby blues skies...
However, as cute as the surroundings careful...evil things lurk in the dark corners of the lands.

➤➤➤ No otherworldly life lived on the Nebula Isles until one clear summer day in August. It all started back on Earth.... where a little baby newborn girl cried in a dark alley on the outskirts of New York City.
:iconislenebula:IsleNebula 4 0
harrison fords by kreugan harrison fords :iconkreugan:kreugan 551 41 13 Dwarves of Christmas by kreugan 13 Dwarves of Christmas :iconkreugan:kreugan 808 55 thor sketches by kreugan thor sketches :iconkreugan:kreugan 652 35 first class: evo by kreugan first class: evo :iconkreugan:kreugan 886 26 avengerbend by kreugan avengerbend :iconkreugan:kreugan 1,892 42 lokidump by kreugan lokidump :iconkreugan:kreugan 1,330 64 face tutorial by kreugan face tutorial :iconkreugan:kreugan 2,635 63 Ladyvengers by kreugan Ladyvengers :iconkreugan:kreugan 3,100 0 f a s h i o n by kacey-lynn f a s h i o n :iconkacey-lynn:kacey-lynn 119 14 The way she looks at you... by LilaBlack The way she looks at you... :iconlilablack:LilaBlack 13 14
Sweet Somethings 7
The following morning, I decided that I needed a break from both Will AND Tom. Not only was I tired of worrying about my status with Will, but I was also preoccupied with what had happened with Tom the day before. So, to keep my mind off of both guys, I told Kath that she and I should have a girls' day. There was huge mall in London with loads of cool stores that we decided to go to.
After getting ready, we took the Tube to Westfield Mall. Upon entering the shopping center, I found that it was much larger than I'd originally thought. Everywhere we turned, a store caught our attention, especially the ones that were only in the UK. "Where to first?" I asked, turning to Kath.
My dark skinned friend shrugged her shoulders, her lip poking out a bit in indecision. "You pick."
I tapped my chin, looking around to see what was near us. My eyes rested on Burberry and I smiled. "Let's go to Burberry. Maybe they'll have a sales rack or something." I chuckled at the prospect of finding something I
:iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 4 13
RQ - Penelopea Duvet by GlassFu RQ - Penelopea Duvet :iconglassfu:GlassFu 23 16 Miss Fisher by aliceazzo Miss Fisher :iconaliceazzo:aliceazzo 118 17


Chibi Sketch or Digital
its just a chibi drawing! super cute and fun! please specify what you want with a reference image and digital or traditional, colored or sketch! enjoy!
Inked and sketch:digital and traditional headshot
I will draw a headshot of any character you send me, I will do digital and traditional, inked or a sketch. IT ONLY COST 5 POINTS. PLEASE DONATE IT ONLY COSTS 5 POINTS! Enjoy!
Full Body Sketch
i will give you a simple female or male full body sketch! i can do digital or traditional. i can do multiple people in one commission for 5 pts extra, please enjoy!
Full Body Inked
i will do a full body inked commission!



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United States
I'm not that great of an artist...

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My DA Family
~ AshATurner she is a really amazing and caring person, and Im surprised the talent in her didn't explode her, she to cool!
~ MusicRocks14 she is sweet and lovely and should always be as amazing as she truly is!
~ Autumn-ClockW0rk her skills are amazing and I really want to learn to draw like her!
~ LilaBlack i am her BIGGEST FAN GIRL! she is funny and extremely talented! i love her!

many others too... love ya'll!

Things about me!

My favorite color is pink
My birthday is April 14
Im a Aries
Im VERY dramatic
I am fangirl, hear me roar.
Im a minecrafter
My favorite car is a bug or impala
I love skull candy, apple, microsoft, sony, ad many others.



hi! so i have yet to find a new awesome RP in DA for a long time, until now that is! i just found this group called Isle Nebula! its AWESOME! You should all join it seems amazing! heres the story incase you want a quick summary!

▇▇ As June discovered Isle Nebula, she also discovered her hidden ability, instilled into her by the magical nebula gas. 
June could mold stone in any shaper of form she desired. She could move it, melt it, and make is disappear all together. So, June traveled to where she could find a great supply of stone... the nearest volcanos. And thus, June and the baby child began building the City of Lapis, (City of Stone), all around the Ignis Volcanos, the island's three large mountains. The city was planted right in the center.
Cobblestone pathways stretched in all directions and stone buildings crafted themselves up from the ground. June created shops, schools, homes, and many other things. She finished the whole city in just a couple days. The small building stretched in all direction... empty and alone. June built the child a castle and flew up into the sky to ponder how she could get more people like her into her very own new world. She created a stone castle in the sky for herself and sat pondering. She then decided to take a trip back to Earth. And so, she brought forth with her... the other two of the Four Founding Members of the land. 

The Island

▇▇ Many things are still undiscovered by The Four. But, here is what we know. 

- The land consists of three different regions (nations) on the ground, and one up in the sky.

      * Aeris - The sky The home to winged creatures. There isn't much up there, only June's castle hidden by dense clouds and mysterious island creatures 
                    flying by. The people have transformed from winged animals to humans during their time in the nebula. They live in the City of Lapis, but they belong to the skies and to June. 
      * Lapis - The Stone City The home to our regular old folk. These people live and work in the city and do not possess any animal- like features. Their god is the child.
      * Glaciem- The ice The home to the hunter - gatherers. They reside in the wester part of the land, the coldest part. They hunt animals for food and live in teepees or igloos in extreme cases.Some commute to the city, but the journey is hazardous, so few venture there alone.
      * Naturae- The forest The home to nature lovers and hunters. They mostly work in the city, but live in small huts out in the wild. Friends of animals, healers of mankind, bringers of good luck.

and here are the super amazing mods so you can contact them!

she's also seeking new mods, so if you're up to it, go on and lend a helping hand, heres a link if you wanna check it out!

<da:thumb id="554223003"/>

and the link of course!!! join (when joining is open, watch until then!
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